Professional Learning

Since 2007 the Historical Thinking Project has collaborated with various partners to organize Historical Thinking Institutes (HTI) in different cities across Canada. The HTIs have been attended by teachers, graduate students, curriculum developers, professional development leaders, historians, and museum educators who wanted to enhance their understanding of historical thinking and how to apply it in their varied contexts.

For 2023-2024, we are pleased to share two professional learning opportunities:

Virtual Historical Thinking Institute (VHTI)

The Virtual Historical Thinking Institute will offer an introduction to historical thinking and enhance your expertise in designing history programs, courses, units, lessons, projects, or educational resources that explicitly focus on historical thinking.

Available in both French and English.

Dates: September-December 2023

Historical Thinking Community of Practice

The Historical Thinking Community of Practice is designed for educators who have knowledge and experience working with historical thinking, but want to collaborate with a community of like-minded educators to further explore how to apply historical thinking in their context. Available in English and French. Dates: Jan-Apr 2024.

Interviews with 2022 Governor General History Award Recipients

Cynthia Bettio

Cynthia Bettio’s students undertook a year-long project to investigate Canadian history from 1914 to the present through the lens of traditionally underrepresented groups, including Indigenous people, racialized Canadians, and women.

Carla Cooke and Tracey Salamondra

Carla Cooke and Tracey Salamondra designed a cross-curricular, community-based project for their grade eleven students to investigate the histories of their rural community.

Luisa Fracassi

Luisa Fracassi developed her project “Immigrant Voices” as an experiential learning opportunity for her diverse class of grade ten students.

Barbara A. Giroux

Through age-appropriate resources and books, Barbara Ann Giroux introduced her young students to the history and legacy of the residential school system and encouraged them to consider their role in reconciliation.

Jen Maxwell

With the support of her school and colleagues, Jen Maxwell created a cross-curricular project that allowed grade twelve students in her large urban high school to earn multiple credits towards social studies, English language arts, and career education.

Interviews with 2021 Governor General History Award Recipients

Jacqueline Cleave

Elementary teacher Jacqueline Cleave led a project to make the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s ninety-four calls to action more accessible to younger learners.

Kelly Hiebert

The Westwood Historical Society, a school organization led by teacher Kelly Hiebert and his students at Westwood Collegiate, has created a documentary on the rise of hate and antisemitism in Canada.

Mark Perry

For more than a decade, high school history teacher Mark Perry has guided his students in commemorative research projects that research key moments in the first and second world wars and share the stories of soldiers and veterans from their community.

Michel Blades Bird

Designed by teacher Michel Blades Bird, Keeping Tobacco Sacred is an initiative that fosters a reconnection to land, culture, and language for youth growing up in government care.