Adam Bunch

Recipient of the 2023 Governor General’s History Award for Popular Media: The Pierre Berton Award
November 14, 2023

Toronto, Ontario

Adam Bunch is a modern storyteller, captivating audiences with Canadian history through a variety of innovative platforms. His best-selling books, The Toronto Book of the Dead and The Toronto Book of Love, offer just a glimpse of his talent. Beyond his writing, Bunch leads community-based projects like the Festival of Bizarre Toronto History and the Toronto Dreams Project, which invite the public to discover hidden gems of the past.

Bunch broadens his reach through digital platforms, infusing his distinctive humour into social media stories, newsletters, and online courses. He is widely recognized as the host and one of three co-creators of the award-winning video series Canadiana, which chronicles his journey throughout Canada in pursuit of history’s forgotten and extraordinary tales.

Bunch educates and entertains audiences wherever they are, whether in the virtual realm, public spaces, or mainstream media. He presents his stories with approachable, informal language while grounding them in meticulous research and respect for the subject matter. His work demystifies history, allowing his own curiosity and passion to shine through and inspiring others to explore the diverse stories of their country and communities.

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The Toronto Book of the Dead

The Toronto Book of the Dead by Adam Bunch is an engaging and fascinating look into some of the darker moments of Toronto’s past.