A River Divided

New Brunswick's Petitcodiac River gets a new lease on life. 

Written by Mark Reid

Posted March 10, 2010

In 2010, Canada’s History Editor in Chief Mark Reid examined the troubled history of the Petitcodiac River causeway and how its removal stirred up a lot of conflict. 

The Petitcodiac River in New Brunswick has long been a focus of conflict. For several decades, the river was blocked by a causeway. Built in 1968 to control flooding it was always opposed by environmentalists who pointed out that it created excessive silt deposits and hampered fish migration.

After years of protest, the causeway was opened in 2010, allowing the water to flow freely. And, in the spring of 2017, work began on a bridge to replace the causeway between Riverview and Moncton.

Mark Reid’s article, “A River Divided,” was published in th April/May 2010 issue of Canada's History

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