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Tales and Treasures

Celebrating the legacy of the Hudson's Bay Company
Founded in 1670, the HBC helped build Canada. You can read stories from its flagship magazine, The Beaver.

90 Years Ago
Flower power
In the July 1924 issue, readers were introduced to the story of “Canada’s First Dope Peddlers.”

60 Years Ago
Fly-in reading
Writer Frank H. Ellis recounts the slow growth of airmail delivery service into northern Canada. Miss Katherine Stinson piloted the first ever airmail delivery between Calgary and Edmonton.
30 Years Ago
Land grab
Carman Cumming told of a scheme hatched a century earlier that involved purchasing the lands from Manitoba to the Rockies, and north from there, and then agreeing to annexation by the United States — in exchange for $30 million.

Fur Trade Stories

Fur Trade StoriesA unique presentation of primary and secondary resource material giving insight into the thoughts and hearts of the brave people who explored and survived our wilds. Click on the link below to learn more.

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