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Tales and Treasures

Celebrating the legacy of the Hudson's Bay Company
Founded in 1670, the HBC helped build Canada. You can read stories from its flagship magazine, The Beaver.

Mushing machine from The Manitoba Museum

90 Years Ago
Working Dogs
C.H. French wrote about the common practice in B.C. of using dogs to transport goods.

60 Years Ago
Sternwheelers of the Yukon
Once the grand dames of the rivers of the Yukon, by 1954, only one sternwheeler remained in service. The rest lay abandoned on the shore.
30 Years Ago
The sons of God
In the Summer 1984 issue, Pierre Berton wrote about a strange and disturbing march across the Prairies in the fall of 1902
by about 1,900 men, women, and children.

Fur Trade Stories

Fur Trade StoriesA unique presentation of primary and secondary resource material giving insight into the thoughts and hearts of the brave people who explored and survived our wilds. Click on the link below to learn more.

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