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The Many Faces of the French Fact

French Canadian, a term rooted in common ancestry, religion, and language, gave way to Québécois, one based on territory and language. No longer did one have to be Catholic or French Canadian to embrace the new identity.

The Trial of Aaro Vaara

Even today news of the Royal Family can sweep other concerns from the headlines. But in 1927, one man writing in a Finnish-language newspaper in Sudbury dismissed the fuss. Then he was arrested for sedition.

Canada’s Ellis Island

Penelope Johnston explores the tragic legacy of Grosse Île, Quebec’s former immigrant quarantine station.

Dr. Louis Slotin and "The Invisible Killer"

A young Canadian scientist working on the Manhattan Project gave his life to save his friends when an experiment went wrong.

Washday: The Weekly Ritual

Doing the laundry—and doing it well—has been an integral part of female culture for generations.

Rough Science in the Bush

Like oil today, in 1843 coal was essential to economic development. But William Logan found no coal in the Province of Canada.

The First Dirigible in Canada

It wasn't the first to cross the Atlantic, or the fastest, but Canadians were still thrilled at the arrival of the first dirigible in Canada.

Travelling by Stoneboat

Explorers and settlers travelling around a country as large as Canada needed ingenuity and determination to get where they were going. 

Lifeboat Suitcase

Fear not, travellers! Your adventures out on the high seas need not be dangerous– that is, if you bring the right luggage.

Borderlands: Interview with Michel Hogue

For the Metis, the forty-ninth parallel was first a blessing, then a curse.

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