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The Pig War

The most curious international conflict between Canada and the United States involved a grunting pig, a swaggering army officer, and a cluster of small forested islands that lie in the Strait of Georgia.

Arthur’s Secret

Presidents of the United States must be born on U.S. soil. So says the American Constitution. But evidence suggests that Chester Arthur, the twenty-first president, was born in a foreign land. Canada, perhaps? Shh, don’t tell the Americans.

Divided Loyalties

For the Métis of Red River in the middle of the nineteenth century, it was an uncertain world. Neither white nor First Nations, but a distinctive blend of both, they were beset on all sides. White settlement imperilled their itinerant ways. Hostile Sioux threatened their traditional hunt. With the Hudson’s Bay Company and the government in London ignoring their claims, some Métis considered another alliance—with the Americans.

Death of a Liberator

Less than one month after arriving in Upper Canada, Nils von Schoultz was hanged and buried at Fort Henry in Kingston.

President Harding’s Last Stand

Vancouver gave him a hero’s welcome and then he sailed away and died.

Bombs in the Bush

Once upon a time, the Americans hid atomic bombs in Labrador. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Lava Land

The story of Canada’s volcanic past is written in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.  

Lost Art of Fitz Roy Dixon

A chance discovery on an internet auction led to the discovery of a substantial body of work by Canadian painter Francis Fitz Roy Dixon.  

The Bear Facts

Winnie the bear is only one of the many members of the ursine family who have found a place in the annals of Canadian history.

Beer Wars

People loved their beer. Yet when zealous prohibitionists launched a holy crusade against the brewers, the brewers lost.

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