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Wonderland or Wasteland?

In the late-1800s, few Canadians cared whether crops would grow on the southern prairies. Most believed it was a barren wasteland. But then a drive to settle the Last Best West changed everything.

Regina's Day of Wrath: The Killer Cyclone of 1912

According to meteorologists, the storm that hit the city was a tornado. In Regina, it has always been popularly known as “the cyclone.”

Newfoundland's 1914 Sealing Disaster

What’s now known as the 1914 Sealing Disaster refers to two separate, simultaneous tragedies on the sea that spring. A raging blizzard was the catalyst that led the SS Southern Cross and SS Newfoundland to suffer a combined loss of 251 men.

Canada's Coldest Day

Fifty years ago at Snag in the Yukon it was so cold that Gordon Toole's breath turned to powder and fell to the ground.

Mother Nature: 10 Episodes of Wild Weather

From fires to floods and everything in between, it seems that Canadians scarcely get a break from the wrath of Mother Nature. A look back on our history seems to confirm this fact.

Francis J. Dickens: Profile of an Officer

One of the first officers of the newly formed North-West Mounted Police, Francis Dickens, son of novelist Charles Dickens, was noted for his famous parentage, if not much else.

Women on the Force

Canada’s first female Mounties had a tough time fitting in — and you won’t find their stories in the RCMP’s official histories.

“Noble, Daring, & Dashing”: The Image of the Mounties

The RCMP has become a national icon, largely due to the popular media of the times — early news reports, dime novels, movies, radio, and television — extolling the virtues of the men in scarlet. But this popular image, so beloved by the public, has also shielded the Force from public scrutiny.

Inspector Cruickshank & The Case of the Beryl G

The boat was adrift. The crew was missing. But the blood and the bullet holes told a tale.

Fine Chemistry

Arsenic and no trace. But that all changed when forensic chemist Henry Holmes Croft made Canadian legal history with a pickling jar’s gruesome contents.

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