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Doing Business in Canada

In the April-May 2012 issue of Canada's History business historian Joe Martin explores ten game-changing moments in Canadian business history (see page 19).

We thought we would stroll down memory lane with these twelve classic Canadian TV commercials. The further down you scroll, the older the commercials get.

Eaton's 1990 Canada's Department Store (with Neve Campbell)

HBC 1988 Shop at the Bay

Bank of Montreal 1984 Meet a banker

Maple Leaf Foods ('80s) Bacon Bacon

Tim Hortons 1980 Timtarts

Canadian Tire ('80s) Buy a Commodore Computer

Old Dutch Potato Chips 1978 Potato Wars

Canadian Western Natural Gas 1960s "Mashup"

Molson Canadian 1970s (with Paul Anka)

Imperial Oil Esso 1960 Hockey Table Special

Canadian version of commercials

Pro Stars Cereal 1984 (with Wayne Gretzky)

Crest Toothpaste 1963 Cathy and Leigh


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