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Baby Love

We're not sure we'd want the fellow seated at the far left for our ob-gyn. He scowls. And he doesn't so much hold the baby as give it leave to loiter on his person.

Better the chap standing directly behind him. That's intern William B. Hendry, a member of the class of 1904 faculty of medicine, University of Toronto. And of all the young men in the picture, he appears the most delighted with his little charge. Perhaps it is this temperament that serves him as he rises to become one of Toronto's leading obstetrician-gynecologists.

Hendry will have two sons of his own, Jack and George, and we might imagine him holding each of them in such a pleased and tender fashion. Both his sons will follow him into medicine — the old man must have been an inspiration — but both will die young, in service: Jack, accidentally, in 1934, doing postgraduate work seeking a cure for polio; George, lost at sea in World War II.

Between the two, on the eve of war, William himself will pass away. His wife, Elizabeth Robertson McMichael, his high school sweetheart, whom he married in 1907, will carry on until 1948, dying it is said, of a broken heart. There were no grandchildren, no more Hendry babies of that line.

Carol Duffus, who submitted this photograph, is the niece of William B. Hendry. She lives in Waverly, Nova Scotia.


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