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Upcoming Webinars

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship webinar series

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Webinar Series

Canada's History Society is delighted to announce that we have collaborated with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba to create and host the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship webinar series.

This webinar series shares information and promotes conversation about the historical and contemporary issues that relate to treaties. These presentations explore both the Canadian and First Nations perspectives of treaties.

Through the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship webinar series we are able bring the TRCM's Treaty Education Initiative into your homes and your classrooms. With your participation, we can increase the knowledge and understanding of the treaties and the treaty relationship among all Canadians.

The Treaties and the Treaty Relationship webinar series will run from October 2016 to the end of March 2017.

Register now and you will receive news about the series, reminders leading up to each webinar, and after each webinar, a link to the video recording.


Upcoming webinars:

All My Relations
Presentation by Shashi Shergill
Thursday, March 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm CT

About the webinar:

This webinar examines treaty relationships through an inquiry into the historical relationship between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people in Canada. The presenter will share how grade 9 students deepened their understanding of aboriginal perspectives, specifically the affirmation of collective rights through an examination of treaty rights and research into historically significant events that impacted the relationship and Canadian society. The project focused on specific curricular outcomes of assessing, critically how the increased demand for recognition of collective rights has impacted the legislative process in Canada, and equally importantly, taking up issues of aboriginal perspectives, citizenship, diversity, pluralism, and social cohesion as identified through the Alberta Social Studies Program of Studies.

About the presenter:

Shashi Shergill is a passionate social justice educator who has taught grades 8, 9 and 5 humanities. Influenced by the work of educational theorists such as Dewey and Freire, notions of ethical citizenship, student voice and engagement guide Shashi’s practice. A lifelong learner, Shashi will begin work on her doctorate in education this summer, specializing in curriculum studies. Shashi is currently an Assistant Principal at Connect Charter School in Calgary. She has three children and is an avid reader and knitter.

To watch past webinars go to Canada's History YouTube Channel.

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