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Showcasing some of our favourite history projects from students all across Canada. If you have student work you would like to share, send us an email.

Daughters of the Sky

"Hello, I am Chief Bamal,” he said calmly. “We are sorry to say, but you are trespassing onto our lands. We mean no harm, please depart from here.”

Forgotten History

Mei’s father cleared his throat. “The story that I am about to tell you has been passed down in our family for generations. No interruptions or questions until the end, alright? Mei nodded impatiently waiting for her father to get along with telling the story. Mei’s father began reciting the story to his daughter.

Monument of Recognition

Jacob thought for a bit. “Well, what about those railways. Who made them? How were they made?” His father smiled his mysterious smile. “Alas, you finally decided to ask that. I was going to tell you at our destination, but I guess now is ok.”

People's Choice Award

Students in Elia Gindin and Shirley Coughlan's grade 7 class produced a film with a more modern, and colder, interpretation of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

Raise the Roof

Christopher Garner's Grade 12 students create a unique visual essay, using ceiling tiles as their canvas!

The Power of Educational Travel in Remembering World War I

2013 Vimy Pilgrimage Award recipient Victoria Jackson recounts her experience of coming face to face with history in the battlefields of Europe.

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