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Aboriginal Legends: Coast to Coast to Coast

To honour the first people in Canada, classrooms studied a different part of Canada by exploring a First Nation, Metis or Inuit legend. Traditionally, legends were oral stories used to share and pass although lessons and values.

Black History: Recognizing Contributions to Quebec & Canada

These activities and resources teach students about the contributions of Black settlers to the development of Québec and Canada.

Canada's Press: Making a Historical Newspaper

Students become familiar with the various components of a newspaper by creating a newspaper that could have been published in Canada in the 1800s, based on their own research of the time period and events.

Canadian Historical Festival: Becoming a National Figure

Students conduct research, write scripts, and portray a historical figure in Canadian history. Changes can be made to accommodate location, space, student population, community population, or any other variable.

Community Cemeteries: Searching Through Local History

Students learn to use cemeteries as a source of learning about history, and use their findings to explore the settlement patterns, social customs, and culture of their community.

Creative History: Showing Off Your Community

A year long multimedia project that offers students the chance to work in many mediums and disciplines while exploring their own history. End products include newspapers, t-shirts, and videos.

Developing an Accurate Historical Perspective of a Voyageur

Students will be able to create a journal entry that accurately reflects the experience of a voyageur who participated in the Canadian fur trade from the late 1600s until approximately 1870.

Families Found: Collecting Oral History

Students conduct their own oral histories by interviewing their family, recording their responses, and compiling their research into a book.

Female Fur Traders: Breaking Arbitrary Boundaries

This project introduces students to information which has a direct meaning on a girl's existence as a member of a western nation with a particular national history & character. Students will gain knowledge about the role of women in Canadian Histo...

First Nations Diary: Documenting Daily Life

Students consult films, books, and community elders to learn about different First Nations groups and their historical way of life. Students also consider how individuals met physical, social and group needs.

First Nations: Analysing Sources

These activities show students the progression and variations of the relationship of First Nations groups with Europeans and colonizers. Students gain a deeper understanding of First Nations history, and think critically about events in the news t...

Fort Louisbourg: Living History

This lesson plan contains three projects: individual study, a class presentation and the creation of a board game. Although this lesson plan is based upon Fortress Louisbourg,it can be adapted for any historic site in your community.

Growth of a Nation: Trading Cards

Students will create Canadian History Trading Cards that will serve as a visual representation of the history of Canada's growth and maturity into the great nation it is today. The cards will feature both image and text portions.

History on Film: Creating Heritage Moments

Students will practice research by studying one event or topic in depth. They will then create a videotaped "Heritage Moment" about it. They will be able to combine the video with narration and photographs.

Life on a Seigneury

Students then show their understanding through a variety of different learning experiences such as; re-creating a plot of land in a seigneury (art), participating in a town meet and greet (Drama), trade resources like a Couriers de Bois (game).

My Town, My City: Recording Changing Trends

The mainspring for this lesson is the perennial challenge to help students see connections between the past, present and future and to appreciate the relevance of history in general, and Canadian history in particular, to our lives.

On Mountaintop Rock

This is a year-long study rooted in John McLay’s novel On Mountaintop Rock, which is a historical mystery set in Jasper, Alberta in the summer of 1954. This unit is an integration of history, literature and science.

Patriotic Arts: Influencing Canadians at War

Culture can tell us so much about the people and events of history. In this lesson plan, students look at novels, art and music to understand how Canadians shaped, and were shaped by, culture during wartime.

Red River Spy Mission

Send your students on a secret mission from Sir John A. MacDonald. Their task is to travel to the Red River Settlement and report back to the government on the new Métis government established by Louis Riel. Includes a PPT and several handout temp...

Reporting From the Field: Humanitarians Serving Abroad

Students research a humanitarian and a developing country to better understand Canada's history of international development. Students use their research to write and record a podcast interview.

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