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A Collage of Canada: Harmonizing Many Voices

Students create a collage of photographs, symbols, paintings, songs, and/or poetry to visually tell the story of a group of Canadians during the past century. Any number of historical themes and topics can be studied in this photo-based assignment...

Antiquity: Staging an Archaeological Dig

The basis for this lesson plan is to learn the role of antiquity in understanding history; the processes involved in an archaeological dig; reconstructing history and the challenges of historic inquiry.

Black History: Recognizing Contributions to Quebec & Canada

These activities and resources teach students about the contributions of Black settlers to the development of Québec and Canada.

Canadian Historical Festival: Becoming a National Figure

Students conduct research, write scripts, and portray a historical figure in Canadian history. Changes can be made to accommodate location, space, student population, community population, or any other variable.

Community Cemeteries: Searching Through Local History

Students learn to use cemeteries as a source of learning about history, and use their findings to explore the settlement patterns, social customs, and culture of their community.

Deadly Dancing: Failure-proof field trips

How can you ensure that time at a historic site is useful, academic and fun? The trick is to harness students’ natural creativity and desire to be outlandish. This approach has worked for the author and his colleagues in many settings for over a d...

Democracy: Participating in the Process

Once aware of the election, we start preparing immediately. This could take anywhere from four to eight weeks due to the amount of organizing, planning and arranging involved.

Discovering Toronto's St. John's Ward

Teach your students about discovering the history of places in their community.

Dominion 1934: Role-playing the Provincial Conference

It's the 4th year of the Great Depression; people are demanding government action. Students will role-play members of the conference and will be responsible for researching, writing, and delivering a speech describing regional impacts of the depre...

Families Found: Collecting Oral History

Students conduct their own oral histories by interviewing their family, recording their responses, and compiling their research into a book.

First Nations: Analysing Sources

These activities show students the progression and variations of the relationship of First Nations groups with Europeans and colonizers. Students gain a deeper understanding of First Nations history, and think critically about events in the news t...

Founding Nations: Exploring Worldviews

Students create a visual essay to explore the unique qualities and characteristics found within each of Canada's 3 founding nations, and how they were affected differently by key events in Canadian history.

Glebe's Virtual War Memorial

Students research a local soldier from the Second World War and contribute a visual and written entry to the school's growing virtual memorial. The public nature of the online memorial page inspires students to excellence.

Growth of a Nation: Trading Cards

Students will create Canadian History Trading Cards that will serve as a visual representation of the history of Canada's growth and maturity into the great nation it is today. The cards will feature both image and text portions.

Harriet Tubman: Recognizing the Human Agency

Using the story of Harriet Tubman, students will learn about slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the role of conflict, struggle and human agency in history.

Historical Consciousness: Infusing Identity and Citizenship

Students will conduct an investigation into one side of their family to determine how events in Canadian history and those in the world have defined the decisions one’s family had to make, and as a result, its sense of Canadian identity and citize...

Historical Fiction: Introducing Novels Into History

This lesson incorporates historical fiction with journaling and understanding the French contribution to Nova Scotia, along with cooperative learning and group dynamics. This basic idea can be used with any historical novel.

History on Film: Creating Heritage Moments

Students will practice research by studying one event or topic in depth. They will then create a videotaped "Heritage Moment" about it. They will be able to combine the video with narration and photographs.

How should we remember those who fought for Canada?

The Lest We Forget Project (LWF) begins by exploring soldiers relevant to your student population. You will be building an archive of your own of soldier files.

Local History and Archives: Studying a Local House

The study of local houses in the community provides essential insight into local history.

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