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Aboriginal Legends: Coast to Coast to Coast

To honour the first people in Canada, classrooms studied a different part of Canada by exploring a First Nation, Metis or Inuit legend. Traditionally, legends were oral stories used to share and pass although lessons and values.

Arts & Culture: 17th Century Canada and Jean de Brebeuf

This unit explores the lives of early Canadians through the folk songs they sang in their daily lives.

Black History: Recognizing Contributions to Quebec & Canada

These activities and resources teach students about the contributions of Black settlers to the development of Québec and Canada.

Buffalo Gone: Appreciating Natural Resources

Help your students understand the the enormous loss of Buffalo that once roamed the western plains.

Canada's Dynamic Communities: Inuit Stories

Students use storytelling and inquiry to explore the history of Canada's Inuit people and discover how culture shapes our past and present communities. The use of artifacts helps students connect with history.

Canadian Historical Festival: Becoming a National Figure

Students conduct research, write scripts, and portray a historical figure in Canadian history. Changes can be made to accommodate location, space, student population, community population, or any other variable.

Citizenship Calendar: Everyday Acts to Improve our World

Students learn about humanitarians and ideas of local and global citizenship. By creating a "citizenship calendar," students come to recognize their own ability to help others and effect change.

Commemoration: Making Statuettes of Famous Canadians

Students create paper mâché busts of Prime Ministers, write short biographies, and must locate an artifact to represent their subject.

Community Evolution: Putting the Puzzle Together

This lesson plan is about a "way" of thinking about history. Students make connections between "our community" and "the world". Their awareness of certain issues will rise as they interpret history in a participatory fashion.

Democracy: Understanding the Canadian Parliamentary System

Learn about Government in Canada and how your students can get involved.

Families Found: Collecting Oral History

Students conduct their own oral histories by interviewing their family, recording their responses, and compiling their research into a book.

Female Fur Traders: Breaking Arbitrary Boundaries

This project introduces students to information which has a direct meaning on a girl's existence as a member of a western nation with a particular national history & character. Students will gain knowledge about the role of women in Canadian Histo...

First Nations Living History: Learning to Write in Style

Students will explore history through different writing exercises. They'll learn poetry styles, practice descriptive writing, write a biography after interviewing a family member, and write and send thank you letters to guest speakers.

Get Growing: Learning about Food Production

Many people in developing countries suffer from hunger and food insecurity, which can be difficult for students to understand. Students will learn about food production and consumption by growing their own garden.

Local Legends: Designing a Historical Website

Students learn analytical skills and information technology in a lesson based on community and national history.

Millarville Archaeology: Exploring a 1940s Oil Boom

A lesson in local history and historical inquiry based around a real-life archaeological dig. Students record, analyze, and reflect on all their findings in a research journal.

New France, New Home

King Louis XIV offered dowries for young girls called filles du roi to travel to New France to become brides.

Painting Nature

Allow your students to understand Emily Carr's story, art, and deep connection to Canada’s First Nations and the natural environment.

Past v. Present: Using Geography and Anthropology

Students discover, understand, and connect with their local Canadian community and its heritage through the study of artifacts, documents, photographs, local legends/novels, newspapers, maps, museums/archives, field trips, and personal histories.

Patriotic Arts: Influencing Canadians at War

Culture can tell us so much about the people and events of history. In this lesson plan, students look at novels, art and music to understand how Canadians shaped, and were shaped by, culture during wartime.

Displaying results 1-20 (of 37)
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