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Founding Nations: Exploring Worldviews

Christopher Garner, Swift Current, SK.
Finalist for the 2013 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching, presented in partnership with TD Bank.

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Grade 12 Social Studies


  • 18th century Canada; First Nations / French / British relations


Students will:

  • Learn about four key events in Canadian history (Royal Proclamation, Quebec Act, American Revolution and Loyalist Migration, and Constitutional Act);
  • Learn about the worldviews of Canada’s three founding nations (British, French, and Aboriginal);
  • Explore multiple perspectives of history and gain an understanding of how history affects the present; and
  • Use primary and secondary sources to provide a visual and written representation of how one event can change and/or challenge a nation’s worldview.


Canada is a nation founded by 3 separate nations each with a distinct identity preserved for over 300 years. The founding nations are the First Nations, French, and English. The relationships and connections between each of the founding nations have evolved with every interaction and event, thus shaping Canada’s current identity.


Students are to understand the unique qualities and characteristics found within each of the 3 founding nations. With a full understanding of each nation students will work in groups and be allowed to choose one of the following events (Royal Proclamation, Quebec Act, American Revolution and Loyalist Migration, and Constitutional Act) to explain how it changed and/or challenged the worldviews of the 3 founding nations.

There are 3 handouts attached for reviewing each nation’s worldview.


  • Each group will present a visual illustration depicting the event and how it changed and/or challenged the worldview of each nation.
  • Each student within the group will provide a 5 paragraph essay explaining how the event changed and/or challenged the worldview of each nation.


1. The Royal Proclamation, 1763

2. The Quebec Act, 1774

3. American Revolution and Loyalist Arrival

4. The Constitutional Act, 1791


A summative assessment rubric is included in the lesson plan pdf.

About the Educator

Christopher Garner teaches history, law, economics, Native studies, psychology and language arts courses at Swift Current Comprehensive High School. He inspires his students to find value in what they are learning by providing an enthusiastic and flexible structure. The “Founding Nations” project reflects his philosophy of education as it promotes a student-centered approach to understanding the complex and distinct identities of Canada’s founding nations.


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