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Aboriginal Legends: Coast to Coast to Coast

Aboriginal Legends: Coast to Coast to Coast

By Jessica Greig, 2015 Governor General's Award finalist.

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Grade: K-6/Language Arts & Social Studies*

Instructional Objectives:

To understand that the first people in Canada honoured, respected and lived in harmony with Canada’s beautiful diverse land, plants, water and animals. These Aboriginal people and their stories are the foundation of Canada and it is our job to honour and pass along their importance.

  • recognize how stories of people and events provide multiple perspectives on past and present events
  • recognize oral traditions, narratives and stories as valid sources of knowledge about the land, culture and history
  • recognize the presence and influence of diverse Aboriginal peoples as inherent to Canada’s culture and identity
  • Skill:

  • Correctly apply terms related to time, including past, present and future
  • Arrange events, facts and or ideas in sequence
  • Use maps to locate communities in Canada
  • Use cardinal directions and apply concepts of relative location to determine locations of people and places
  • Ask questions to make meaning of topics or ideas
  • Compare and contrast information gathered
  • Process information from multiple sources to retell what has been discovered
  • Evaluate ideas, information and positions from multiple perspectives
  • Use examples of events to describe cause and effect and change over time
  • Use stories and photographs to make meaning of historical information
  • Use historical resources to understand and organize the sequence of events
  • Explain the historical context of key events of a given time period
  • Re-evaluate personal opinions to broaden understanding of a topic/issue
  • Key Questions:
    Who is sharing this legend? Why was it of importance to these people?
    What influenced the creation of these stories?
    What do we need to know about these Aboriginal people to understand the story and/or their traditional way of life?
    How have these stories and/or people shaped or influenced Canada?

    To see the whole lesson plan and learner outcomes for K-6 click button at the top of the page. You can also view a project example here. 

    * Note: This lesson plan is based on the Alberta curriculum.


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