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HandwritingPatriotic Arts: Influencing Canadians at War

Culture can tell us so much about the people and events of history. In this lesson plan, students look at novels, art and music to understand how Canadians shaped, and were shaped by, culture during wartime.

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High School

Shadows of Manitoba’s Past

Research historically significant events in Manitoba history, and attempt to understand the different perspectives, causes and consequences of the decisions and actions of people of Canada's past.

How should we remember those who fought for Canada?

The Lest We Forget Project (LWF) begins by exploring soldiers relevant to your student population. You will be building an archive of your own of soldier files.

Shifting Connections: Safety, Security and Sacrifice in a Changing World

In the situated documentary, Dilemma 1944, you were confronted with making a life-and-death decision whether or not to join Canadian Forces fighting in the Second World War.

Middle School Lesson Plans

Red River Spy Mission

Send your students on a secret mission from Sir John A. MacDonald. Their task is to travel to the Red River Settlement and report back to the government on the new Métis government established by Louis Riel. Includes a PPT and several handout temp...

Who Tells the Story? Defining History.

2007 GG Recipient Susan Haynes provides a great activity for the first history class of the year. Students come up with a definition of history, and explore the concepts of narrative and perspective.

The Order of Good Cheer: Living it up at 'Club Champlain'

Send your students back in time to the days of Champlain. Students write scripts, design sets and costumes, and prepare food to recreate a 17th century feast.

Elementary School

We Are All Related: A Bookmaking Activity

Students use their information from an interview of an elder in their family to create a page of a book patterned after the book, "We Are All Related," by George Littlechild and the students of GT Cunningham Elementary School

Settlers: Creating Family Trees & Historical Plays

Delve into family history with your students. Explore their family history and bring it to life through live acting. Joan Andersen teaches Inuit and settler ancestry to students at JC Erhardt Memorial School in Makkovik, Labrador

The Ladners: Researching Local Pioneers

Help your students understand the broader picture of Canada’s settlement and provide them with a personal link to your community. Students will use different inquiry and research activities to trace the movement of a particular family or group.

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