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Remembering the Great War

A special digital-only classroom edition of Kayak aimed at Grades 2–6. You will find stories about the major battles, about kids’ lives back home, and about how anger around conscription divided the country.

Disaster Strikes

It’s awful when terrible events occur, but on the flipside, it’s pretty wonderful to know that others are always ready to help. This issue looks at the Great Depression, the Halifax Explosion, emergency response and natural disasters.

Our Flag Turns 50

Our flag is one of the easiest to recognize in the entire world. It first flew February 15, 1965, so the February 2015 issue of Kayak is celebrating by shining a light on all of our national symbols.

Creating Canada

Learn more about the Fathers of Confederation and how they made our country happen. And what could be more Canadian than to tell that story in the context of our greatest game — hockey?


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