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Chinatown, Winnipeg

Chinatown was formed in Winnipeg in 1909 but was officially recognized in 1968.

Chinatown was formed in Winnipeg in 1909 but was officially recognized in 1968. Winnipeg’s earliest documented Chinese residents were Charley Yam, Fung Quong and an unnamed woman who came from the United States in 1877. Dr. Joseph Du and Philip Lee successfully lobbied Mayor Bill Norrie, the province, and federal ministers to revitalize Chinatown with the construction of the Dynasty building, Mandarin building and the Chinatown gate. There is also a Chinese Culture and Community Centre, which houses the only Chinese library in Manitoba. The six-storey Dynasty building features Chinese influenced architecture. The Mandarin building is decorated with a replica of the Imperial Nine Dragons mural, and it is connected to the Dynasty building by a decorative street bridge. Each year, the Chinatown Street Festival is held in Chinatown. This vibrant event features traditional dancing, singing, martial arts, food and a merchant market.

Terence (Man Kit) Tsoi, Chinatown Development Corporation, Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts

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