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Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain Magazine

Yoho National Park

If I could go anywhere in the country, it would be Yoho National Park. When I walk there, nature and culture come together. Spectacular.

If I could go anywhere in the country to visit one history site in Canada, it would be Yoho National Park, spanning B.C. and Alberta, and specifically the trail from Lake O'Hara to Lake Oesa and over to the Opabin Plateau via the Yukness Ledges — especially in the autumn when the larches turn golden. Spectacular! You get there courtesy of Lawrence Grassi (1890–1980), an Italian coal miner, mountaineer, and trail builder. This small, wiry man moved rock for a living — and in his spare time too. The stone steps he made and the slabs he laid have helped generations of people from around the world experience a place he loved so much. When I walk there, nature and culture come together: I feel connected to both a long human history in the Rockies and a natural one as well, and I’m reminded of how a single person can make a difference, transcending time in a special place.

Tina Loo, UBC historian

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