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Photo Credit: Bonjour Quebec

Winter Getaways

Five historical places to visit during the winter!

Chase away the winter blues with these five Canadian historical getaways:

Quebec Winter Carnival - The world's largest winter carnival!

Founded in 1894, the Quebec Winter Carnival is a unique winter experience in beautiful Quebec City. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the carnival to enjoy a host of activities for all ages, including snow baths, night parades, snow slides, giant foosball, snow sculptures, shows, sleigh rides and skating. (Information courtesy of Quebec region)

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair - The largest fair of its kind in the world!

[Photo credit: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair]

Created in 1922, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair has become the largest indoor agricultural and international equestrian competition in the world. With over three hundred vendors, regal horse shows, entertaining dog shows and everything in between, the event draws more than 340,000 visitors annually. (Information courtesy of Ottawa Tourism)

Newfoundland and Labrador Mummers Festival

[Photo credit: Mummers Festival Flickr page]

Each winter groups of people in Newfoundland and Labrador engage in the tradition of Mummering. Dressed in disguise, the Mummers visit homes for a festive evening of singing and imbibing. Typically, groups of friends or family will piece together costumes using whatever they have around their homes to make themselves unrecognizable - challenging the hosts of the homes they visit to guess who they are. Each year the Mummers Festival celebrates this unique tradition. (Information courtesy of Mummers Festival)

Manitoba's Festival du Voyageur

[Photo credit:Travel Manitoba]

Western Canada’s largest winter festival celebrates Canada’s fur trading era and combines the joie de vivre of the voyageurs with a host of different activities. Visitors can enjoy more than three hundred music performances, magnificent snow sculptures, historical interpretation of the early nineteenth century at Fort Gibraltar, live entertainment, traditional dishes, arts and crafts, the voyageur International Sled Dog Classic and a governor’s ball. (Information courtesy of Travel Manitoba)

Heli-Skiing in British Columbia

[Photo credit: hellobc]

British Columbia reigns supreme as one of the world's foremost heli-skiing destinations. Heli-skiing was pioneered in British Columbia more than forty years ago and involves skiiers and snowboarders being airlifted to remote alpine terrain via helicopter to ride the slopes. You can find heli-skiing throughout BC, including Purcell helo-skiing, which has been offering this service for the past forty years. (Information courtesy of hellobc)

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