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Photo Credit: Mennonite Heritage Village. Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba

Fall Adventures

4 Favourites for Fall Travel

Autumn is here! Whether you are traveling in Canada or are exploring your own province now is the perfect time to strap on boots and wrap a scarf around your neck to check out these fall favourites.

Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick

Photo Credit: Genevieve Flynn

Preserving stories of life on the farm.

As harvest season is here learn about the history of farming and agriculture in the Maritimes at the Agricultural Museum of New Brunswick, located in the heart of dairy country, in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Museum Website


Fort Whoop-Up Nation Historic Site

Bringing law and order to the whiskey trade

Established in 1869 as a base for trade with Aboriginal people, Fort Whoop-Up was the earliest and most notorious of the "whiskey forts" built by Americans on Canadian soil. . During the years 1869-74 traders dealing in contraband liquor and firearms so demoralized Aboriginal people that violence and disorder resulted. Lawless conditions here and in other areas hastened the formation of the North West Mounted Police in 1873 to assure the maintenance of law and order in western Canada.
Fort Website

Mennonite Heritage Village

Photo Credit: Travel Manitoba

Stroll through a turn-of-the-century Mennonite village.

As you walk through the 40 acre village, signs of the past are all around you. Explore reconstructed and heritage buildings, including traditional sod and wooden houses, a blacksmith shop, a General Store, churches and the recently-built windmill — quite possibly the only working mill in Canada. At the Village Centre, permanent and temporary exhibits tell the story of Mennonite faith and culture through the centuries. Be sure to stop by the Livery Barn Restaurant and treat your tummy to a few Vereniki, some Kielkje or a bowl of Borscht.

Village Website


Rogers Building National Historic Site

Photo Credit:  Parks Canada Agency / Agence Parcs Canada, Andrew Waldron, 2011.

Sweet taste of built history

This shop is a delectable adaptation of the Queen Anne Revival style to small commercial buildings. English in origin, the style was well-loved in Canada for its eclectic and picturesque composition. This 1903 facade combines classical details with the bay window that characterized commercial buildings of the style. These features harmonize well with the generous panes of glass, so suitable for well-lit interiors and for generous display space for merchandise. Architects Hooper and Watkins have captured the spirit of the style with this distinctive shopfront and its handsome interior.
Building Wesbite

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