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Photo Credit: Ontario Museum Association

Glanmore National Historic Site

Come to the Glanmore National Historic Site and tour the estate of wealthy banker J.P.C. Phelps, who build the mansion in 1883.

Want a slice of the refined life? Ever wondered what the 1890s was like if money was no object? Come to the Glanmore National Historic Site and tour the estate of wealthy banker J.P.C. Phillips and his wife Harriet, who built the mansion in 1883. Among the ornately crafted interior is housed an extensive collection of period antiques that showcase the art and craftsmanship of Belleville high society.

The Glanmore Museum also offers informative exhibits on the hardships and day-to-day life of the service staff.

The house was designated a National Historic Site in 1969, and the museum is open year-round, six days a week and provides guided tours. Interactive activities are available for large groups or classes and special events are held throughout the year to showcase Belleville life at the turn of the century.

Glanmore National Historic Site

257 Bridge Street East
Belleville, Ontario


Hours of Operation
Open Year-Round
Closed Mondays & Holidays

September – May
Tuesday – Sunday
1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

June – August
Tuesday – Sunday
10:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m.


Adults $6.00
Seniors $5.00
Students $5.00
Children (5-12) $3.50
Children Under 5 free

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