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Photo Credit: Scott's Polar Home © American Museum of Natural History Library

Royal BC Museum

A spectacular walk through the history of British Columbia.

Few provincial museums capture the essence of their province the way the Royal BC Museum does in Victoria. The stunning galleries lead visitors through the natural and human history of the province in a vivid way. But perhaps most impressive is the First Peoples Gallery. Stepping through the house of Chief Kwakwabalasami from the Tsaxis (now Fort Rupert), you are transported into a ceremonial gallery rich with history and culture.

Current Exhibitions:
Our Living Languages: First Peoples’ Voices in British Columbia is available from June 2014 to June 2017. This interactive exhibition celebrates the resilience and diversity of First Nations languages in BC in the face of change.Visitors to the exhibition will come to a new realization about the importance of language diversity and the renewed future for First Nations languages.

British Columbia Remembers: The Great War is available now until fall 2019. The installation will evolve over the next four years. Currently it features four video montages of British Columbian recruits training, drilling and marching before departing for the war in Europe.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Gold Rush! El Dorado in BC will be available from May 13, 2015 to October 31, 2015. Through interactive displays, rare artifacts and an international perspective, this exhibition will showcase the far-reaching impact of the gold rush, as class and racial barriers were broken down and people seized the extraordinary opportunities that glittered before them. Get a sneak preview

Past Exhibitions:
Vikings: LIves Beyond the Legends
Race to the End of the Earth

Royal BC Museum

675 Belleville Street
Victoria, British Columbia
V8W 9W2


Adult $15.00
Senior (+65) $9.50
Youth (6-18) $9.50
Student (+19) $9.50
Child (3-5) Free
Family $39.60)
Two Day passes available
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Exploration & geographic history | First nations Metis Inuit history | Fur trade history | Immigration & settlement history | Victoria


Until May 22, 2013:
Monday-Sunday 10am- 5pm
May 23-September 28, 2013: 
Sunday -Wednesday 10am-5pm 
Thursday-Saturday 10am-10pm

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