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Leacock Museum Historic Site

Beloved humorist's estate is something to write home about.

Humourist Stephen Leacock has charmed generations with his beloved books detailing life in small-town Ontario.

The author of Sunshine Sketches of Little Town, Literary Lapses, and Arcadian Adventures drew inspiration from the beauty of his property on Old Brewery Bay in Orillia, Ontario.

Situated on southern end of Lake Couchiching, his home and property make up Leacock Museum National Historic Site.

Visitors can explore Leacock House, the author’s sprawling English-inspired country home built in 1928. The main floor showcases a series of potraits of Leacock shot by famed photographer Yosuf Karsh.

Other attractions include Leacock’s boathouse writing studio, and a new Children’s Discovery Place. The History Site also hosts the annual Leacock Summer Festival, an annual celebration of Canadian literature, poetry and writing. The Museum also offers facilities for weddings, parties and more.


Leacock Museum Historic Site

Leacock Museum National Historic Site
50 Museum Drive
Orillia, ON L3V 6K5


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