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Canada's historic gateway to the West

Step back in time at the crossing of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. Much maligned for its cold weather and mosquitoes, Winnipeg has a rich history and culture. Starting at the Forks National Historic Site where aboriginal peoples have met for more than 6,000 years, expand your trip to the historic Exchange District that still marks the boom of the grain trade.

A stop at the Manitoba Museum explores the human and natural history of the province. Walk through a recreation of Winnipeg from the turn of the century and step aboard the recreation of the sailing ship Nonsuch which was built to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1970.

Dalnavert Museum, operated by the Manitoba Historical Society, provides a glimpse into the rich history of Sir Hugh John Macdonald, the son of Canada’s first prime minister and a prominent Manitoban. Likewise Ross House Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Manitoba and open to visitors throughout the summer.

If you are travelling through Winnipeg by train be sure to go upstairs in the Via Rail Station to visit the Winnipeg Railway Museum. Visitors should also take time to explore the Western Canada Aviation Museum which boasts an impressive collection of restored aircraft and an excellent children’s area.

Local museums in the area also document community stories in places such as in Transcona, St. Vital, and St. James.

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