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Jewel of the Pacific

Vancouver regularly places among the top cities in the world in terms of livability and scenic beauty. Enjoying both a great Pacific Ocean view, as well vast mountain ranges, it’s no wonder why. But another attraction of the city is its rich multicultural tapestry. As Canada’s gateway to the Pacific, Vancouver has always been a major port of call. Vancouver’s history is the story of many peoples brought together by the great natural beauty and rich resources of the region. From the earliest coastal First Nations inhabitants, to the first European explorers, to the fur trade, and the eventual establishment of Gastown — the rough-and-tumble logging community that eventually grew into Vancouver — history-hungry travellers have plenty from which to fill their plates. Don't miss the spectacular Museum of Anthropology with its stunning First Nations totems, art and more. Let your imagination soar at the Canadian Museum of Flight and the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre; explore 1920s life at the Burnaby Village Museum.

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