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St. John's

History abounds in one of North America's oldest cities

Ships have been visiting what is now St. John’s harbour for more than 500 years. From the glories of the Age of Sail to long, hard days spent fishing for cod; from Second World War high alert through cruise ship visits, this city has been shaped by the sea.

Brightly coloured houses perch on the dramatic landscape that gave the island of Newfoundland the nickname of The Rock. Friendly people and a thriving arts scene reward the traveller willing to slow down a bit and enjoy a different way of life.

With its long and rich history, St. John’s offers much to see and do. Take your binoculars to Signal Hill National Historic Site so you can watch whales at play from the spot where radio signals first came to North America. Wander the streets to admire the architecture, be it the cheerfully painted homes or the imposing stone of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

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