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Cuthbert Grant Advocate Sandra Horyski

Sandra Horyski has been working tirelessly to uncover Cuthbert Grant from the pages of history.

More than a penny for his thoughts

Paul Berry, chief curator at the Currency Museum of the Bank of Canada.

Restoration Holds More Significance Than Buying Something New

A canoe restoration has the community of Fort Severn coming together to learn old skills.

Songwriter Mike Ford

Rabble-rouser, Pythonesque, and now, history hero... Mike Ford.

“Fair” thee well

While most students are taking the summer off, a select few came together for a week this past July to compete at the national Historica Heritage Fair.

Behind the lens

When I was a rookie reporter for a small daily in Nova Scotia, I was also required to shoot my own photos.

Editor Bruce Cherney

Bruce Cherney tells us why history figures so prominently in a newspaper facilitating the present day sale of properties.

History “love bug” can bite at any age

Ed Rooney, originally of Marshall, Saskatchewan, was nearing his 91st birthday when we profiled him in our 2006 donor newsletter. His enthusiasm for Canadian history made us want to revisit his story in History “love bug” can bite at any age.

Sir John A. lives on

Re-enactment is growing in popularity in Canadian communities big and small, providing a fun way to relive history.

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