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Podcast: aMuse: Exhibits Unleashed

One challenge that museums across Canada face is how to reach a wider audience, in particular with young people under the age of 40. Part of solving this solution is getting beyond the walls of the museum and taking exhibits and events out to the public.

One of these events is being organized by the St. Catharines Museum in Ontario. aMuse: Exhbits Unleashed is a pop up exhibit that features history, music, and food. Adrian Petry is a Public Programmer with the St. Catharines Museum and he joined Canada's History to talk about this exciting event taking place May 25th, 2013, at the Mahtay Cafe and Lounge.

"Visitors should definitely expect a lot of fun," describes Petry. "Our first exhibit is titled Bycycles... we have a couple of bikes coming out from the collections. We have some really neat other bike related artifacts that will be on displya. Visitors can grab food and drink, and listen to music, explore the artifacts, and they can calso share their bike memories. One of our interactive activities will feature bike memories from the public. So you can write down your bike memory and then pin it to the spokes of this really cool bike from the 1960s.

"Social Media will also have a really important role in the event. We'll have our live wall display with photos from instagram and facebook and our twitter feed as well, and a copule of youtube videos will be projected on to the wall as well so people can see different photos from the museum's St. Catharines Standard collection."

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