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Fanshawe Pioneer Village launches Virtual Village

Fanshawe Pioneer Village in London has launched a new Virtual Village digital experience to help visitors explore the history of the site. The new mobile friendly site provides visitors with textual information, historic and contemporary photos, guided audio interpretation, maps, and videos.

Marianne Levogiannis told London Community News "It is great; you have a new multi-layered way of seeing the village. You can be here presently, or in front of a building, or be at home, and get to hear all about it."

The Virtual Village is not actually an app but a mobile friendly portion of the Fanshawe Pioneer Village website. This means it works not only in a computer browser, but also on your phone. Try resizing your browser to the width of a cell phone to see what it looks like in action if you don't have access to a phone.

This is a very stylish and nice museum guide that should serve as a great reference point for other museums and historical organizations. The mobile site was developed by London based Digital Echidna.


Posted: 04/03/2014 12:44:23 PM by JOEL RALPH | with 0 comments
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