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Reading Lists

Women's History Reading ListWomen’s History

Winning the vote led to a series of gains for Canadian women over the following century, including achievements in politics, business, culture, sports and science. In our Women’s History reading list, we present a selection of the many recent books about women and society plus biographies of some notable Canadian women.

Canadian Sports History Reading ListCanadian Sports History

Canada has hosted many major sports events, and Canadian athletes have excelled at both professional and amateur sports. One sport — ice hockey — has been explored by history authors as much as it attracts the attention of other media and captures the imaginations of many Canadians. But in our Sports History reading list you’ll also find recent books on the Olympics, women in sports, regional histories, and the people whose work behind the scenes has made it all possible.

First World War Reading ListFirst World War

To mark the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, we’ve compiled a list of new and recent books about Canada and the conflict that is also know as the “Great War.” These books examine the factors leading to the onset of the First World War, the many battles in which Canadians participated, and the war’s aftermath. Authors provide a sense of the war’s effects upon soldiers as well as upon the families and the country they left behind.

Aboriginal History Reading ListAboriginal History

The diverse histories of Canada’s Indian, Inuit, and Métis peoples are central to the story of Canada and are the subject many new and recent books. In our Aboriginal History reading list you’ll find books on art and literature, the histories of particular peoples, and the challenges faced by Native peoples and cultures across the continent. Biographies tell of well-known historical figures such as Big Bear and Louis Riel but also the unique lives of less well-known personalities.

War of 1812 Reading ListWar of 1812

The bicentennial of the War of 1812 was the occasion for a number of new titles as well as reprints of classic titles by writers such as Pierre Berton. Books in our War of 1812 reading list examine topics ranging from recognized heroes such as Tecumseh, Laura Secord, and Isaac Brock to the sacking of York (now Toronto), naval skirmishes, and everyday life during the war.

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