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On the Night Table of Renée Bondy

In spite of my attempts to keep my night table free of work-related books, my reading for work and pleasure often overlap.

On the Night Table of Penni Mitchell

My night table is littered with magazines. I confess, many of them deal with serious topics like cooking and canning — two of my favourite obsessions when I’m not editing Herizons magazine.

On the Night Table of Mark Reid

Over the past year, I’ve been working on a new book for Canada’s History. Tentatively titled Canada’s Great War Album, it will focus on the lives of the generation of men and women who sacrificed so much during the First World War — both on the field of battle and on the home front.  

On the Night Table of Jeffrey Simpson

Between writing my own book on the Canadian health-care system and serving for two years as juror for the Cundill Prize, I haven’t had much time to read Canadian material. Just now, however, I am puttering through three.

On the Night Table of Sandra Martin

My bedside table was crowded with memoirs and biographies while I was writing Working the Dead Beat: 50 Lives that Changed Canada. My subjects were as disparate as the books, articles and papers I consumed in my research.

On the Night Table of Ray Argyle

As a writer, I read a lot of books for research, but they seldom reach my night table. That I reserve for books I read solely for pleasure. I usually mix fiction and non-fiction, switching as my mood moves me.

On the Night Table of Allan Levine

I have always enjoyed grand and sweeping historical narratives, and Peter Ackroyd does not disappoint in his marvelous book — it is sure to let you see London from a fresh perspective. I was so inspired that it led me to my next book project.

On the Night Table of Heather Robertson

Heather Robertson only has one book on her night table right now, River Horse: A Voyage Across America, by William Least Heat-Moon.

On the Night Table of Victor Rabinovitch

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and my night table are similar. Books, magazines, and newspaper articles downloaded from around the world are piled high, defying gravity, waiting to be read.

On the Night Table of Deborah Morrison

Anyone looking at my night table of partially read books is going to have difficulty pinpointing a favourite genre or style of writing.

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